From Fatigue to Dynamic

I am trying to solve the problem of procrastination. I have become aware of when and why I am procrastinating; I am finding excuses for putting things off. As I became aware of my procrastinating behavior I became more self-critical. Finding no benefit from this analysis, I have a new approach to working with this problem.

I have found new words to describe my condition. Some days I am dynamic and I use my energy wisely. On other days I am less dynamic or lacking energy.  After an eventful day I experience fatigue, all of my energy is gone.  I am tired the following day. My energy is stagnant and I find myself procrastinating.

I like the “Big Ball” and “Parting the Clouds” qigong exercises to increase my energy so that I can complete tasks. When I am scattered, not knowing where to start, the Big Ball exercise helps me focus. Parting the Clouds helps me recover the energy that I lack.

I find new words to help me through difficult times, when I describe the situation another way, it benefits me. When I use qigong to transform my energy, my attitude improves and I am liberated from self- criticism.  I no longer use words to describe excuses, I find words that will change my whole day around.

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