My Self Care

It was the one-year anniversary of my son passing away. I woke up, looked at the day and decided to go back to bed. I awoke at noon when the mailman delivered me a package. I posted on Facebook that this will be a very long day, I had been delivered a new bookshelf-care and hopefully, I would hear my son’s voice when I read the book. This is the wrong way to start the day.

A good day would look like this: I get up, put on some coffee, drink some water with my meds, and get in the shower. I can not express how important it is to follow the same routine every day. Getting ready for the day, no matter how painful it may be, is absolutely essential. Exercise, I do qigong, is essential too. Movement recharges the brain and improves cognition. Meditation is essential too for it calms the mind, centers us with our heart, and reduces pain.

Not following a morning routine is harmful in this way. I skipped my meds, even though the day is one year since my son passed was going to be a doubly depressing day. Taking my meds late in the day means I will be up late and won’t get as much sleep. The trouble begins just this way. Skipping meds, losing sleep, falling into depression and skipping meals can lead into another day of the same then spiral down into hopelessness. This is how the cycle begins and this is why self- care is so important.

Meditation helps us become self-aware. On this day I did not accept how hard this day may be. Meditation would help me become aware of the grief so I could process it in a beneficial way. Allowing grief to happen would keep me out of bed. Then my medication would help me by supporting what my system is used to having. Good nutrition is needed to keep up with all the stress I will have on a difficult day.

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